My book pet peeves

Without further adieu, my five biggest book pet peeves (that’s a mouth full) are…

A book cover that features real people.

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in this opinion, because big name publishers keep putting out books with covers featuring real people, like this one. And this one. The issue I have with this, is that it prevents me from using my imagination to conjure up a character. I don’t mind a physical description, but an image speaks too loudly.

A romance in which the characters give it up too quickly

For me, sex is an important part of a romance novel. It is the physical act of love, after all. Heh. When two characters have sex in the first third of the book, I feel like I’ve lost a large chunk of my motivation to read the rest of the story.

Too short or too long chapters

I find this happens a lot with self published novels, where the writer doesn’t put as much care into chapters as, say, a writer who has access to an editor would. One of the most recent examples is Losing It. It’s a fun, quick read, but one evening spanned seven whole chapters, when the same text could have easily been formatted into one or two.

The obsession with virginity 

In real life, young adult virginity (18-25) is somewhat rare. But if books dictated reality, I’d think it was the popular choice. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

The manic pixie dream girl

Enough said.

Bisou Bisou!