PNWA: Creating submission packets

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make the most of this year’s PNWA conference.

Because it’s my first big conference, I’ve been wondering about things like conference etiquitte and self promotion, and how to stand out among the hundreds of aspiring writers hoping to be looked upon favorably by publishing house reps and agents. First and foremost, it is my goal to have my manuscript completely polished and ready to be looked at by the conference. If I’m introducing myself as a writer, I want to be able to hand over something I’ve written if prompted. It simply seems professional. After all, a person isn’t much of a writer without a body of work.

Second, I got to thinking about how to present my work if prompted. I’ve heard of writers sending follow up emails containing their manuscripts, but that seems too risky to me. In today’s fast paced world, I suspect agents quickly forget about viable writers once they’ve exited the conference. So to prevent that from happening, I devised a plan. And I hope it works!

I’m going to create a submission packet to hand out. It will be neat and compact, so that interested agents don’t have to worry about lugging it around. And it will be stylish and unique, because I want to showcase who I am. I want to portray that I’m a serious writer who, while as wacky as any other artist, will work hard to earn my agent’s and reader’s respect.

Though the pictures below don’t precisely¬†portray what I have in mind, I wanted to catalogue some type of visual. I plan to include the following:

  • The first three chapters of my manuscript
  • A synopsis
  • A CV and introduction
  • My contact info on a small, easy to read card

I’m interested in what other writers and publishing professionals think of this idea. Is it a great idea, or is it gauche?

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A bientot!

Bisou bisou!

S.C. Grice


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